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  • San Francisco condo conversions

    Converting a single property into individual condominium units is a complex undertaking. We have successfully completed several multi-unit condo conversions. Your construction staff must have an understanding of current codes, legacy codes and how the city applies them during the conversion process. Our experience in this area makes the work of contractors and owners stress free. We handle electrical permits and inspections and bring our knowledge and experience to bear to minimize delays and extra expenses. Our priority is reaching the end goal in the quickest most cost effective path.

    Homeowners & Commercial Tenants

    Contracting with Voltwright is easy. Cost implications of each design element are clearly defined in each Voltwright proposal. Our modular pricing system makes cost engineering simple and fast. We work directly with owners and tenants to meet their design goals and anticipate future needs.

    At Voltwright we are aware of the variety and complexity 21st century electrical systems. We are no longer installing simply lights and outlets. There is now a vast array of products to choose from that require electrical integration or low voltage power and control sub-systems. With new products constantly coming on the market, a capable contractor needs to keep up with emerging technologies and their applications. We do not limit ourselves by specializing in systems already deployed and recommending that our clients limit themselves to our abilities. The team at Voltwright has your complete satisfaction as our highest priority.

    General Contractors

    Contracting with Voltwright is easy. We produce proposals with modular pricing or a lump sum total based on bidding requirements. All plan drawings are referenced in the proposal documents. Our modular pricing system makes cost engineering simple and fast. You can see the cost implication of each design elment on our proposal and adjust accordingly. Lump sum proposals are priced using the same process but presented as a lump sum. If cost engineering a lump some proposal becomes necessary, we have the data at our finger tips to produce an adjusted proposal in a very short time frame. Progress invoices clearly show previous payments and current percent billed. A statement of your account is presented at each billing cycle when multiple invoices are outstanding.


  • Martin Laughlin:Principal
  • Martin Laughlin

    Martin is the founder of Voltwright and is currently lead estimator, office manager, business develepment manager and electrician. He wears all the hats.

    Martin was trained as an electrician in Portland, Oregon and San Francisco in the 1990's. Before taking up the electrical trade, his management experience includes extensive facilities, personnel, operations, project and product management. While working as an electrician, Martin was quickly promoted to lead electrician and supervised crews of as many as eight on several concurrent projects. He supervised the 60,000 square foot seismic upgrade and remodel of the Kneedler|Fauchère showroom and many other high profile buildouts at SF Design Center. In response to the great feedback and encouragement from associates, colleagues and clients, Martin founded Voltwright in 2004. The mission: to bring a 21st century approach to electrical contracting in the Bay Area. Martin brings excellent problem solving skills, a sharpness of mind and creativity to every aspect of the business. He also has the ability to translate technical jargon into plain language so clients and associates can make informed decisions. These skills have contributed to an easy transition from tradesman to businessman.

    Martin Laughlin


  • Mill Valley Residence, 2010
  • Haight Ashbury Residence, 2008
  • Mill Valley residence

    San Francisco residence

    Click the image to see the slideshow

    The linked gallery is from a NYTimes write-up of a project we did at a local architect's residence. The slideshow doesn't feature the lighting or show all the rooms, but you get the idea. The top floor also has in floor electric radiant heat, cool!


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